Mr. Parag Solanki

A wanderlust, a travel fanatic, with an irresistible impulse to explore the world.
His zeal to traverse the globe has already compelled him to visit 5 countries on 3 different continents; namely Dubai, Paris, London, Kiev and Hong Kong.
His indomitable spirit and an undying curiosity to explore entirety is the fountainhead of his inclination towards travelling.
A tech aficionado, an influencer for over 5 years, a twitter buff with over 90,000 twitter followers, “he has all the street cred” that you’re looking for.
He founded this blog to share his passion with the world and hopes to inspire individuals all around the globe to lead an active and exploratory lifestyle.
Be it tech, social media, travel or lifestyle blogging, he has a fondness towards it all.
For business inquires,
feel free to send a mail to