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Foldable Smartphones – The much awaited future!

Smartphones have evolved drastically over the past two decades. Be it in terms of versatility, connectivity, software, design or display, smartphone technology seems to have surpassed all expectations. With consistent innovation, smartphones have become the main computing device for many. Since their inception, developers have strived to incorporate several features into a single device.

The display or the screen is the most significant part of any device. Brands are constantly upgrading phone displays to serve customer needs. 2018 witnessed the phenomenon of shrunken bezels in the mobile industry to provide over 90% screen to body ratio.

And now, there seems to be another paradigm shift; that of foldable smartphones. Rapid advancement in technology has allowed regular smartphones to make this revolutionary transition to foldable phones. The smartphone industry has made a technological breakthrough with innovating a folding display. Foldable phones might just be our future.

Why transition to Foldable Smartphones?

These foldable smartphones offer the portability of a phone and the immersive display of a tablet in one device. When folded they resemble your conventional smartphone which can be easily accommodated in your pocket but once unfolded they can expand to a bigger screen giving more working area. They are potentially capable of replacing laptops in the coming years; the tablet market is likely to take a nosedive in the coming years as well.

Impressive display

The demand for larger displays has increased rapidly. Foldables have an edge over conventional smartphones as they have the same features but with a tablet-sized display, thereby providing a rich user experience. When unfolded, the huge screen provides a much better user experience. One enjoys movies, videos, and mobile games a lot better on a wider screen. Reading pdf files and novels, navigating maps and browsing become easier.

Simplifying work

Wider screens allow for more working area, thereby making multi-tasking easier. You can have access to the added productivity of tablets and desktops in the form factor of a phone. Video-editing, web-designing, digital painting seems effortless on tablet-sized displays. Thus, the foldable smartphones could be the preferred choice for designers, architects etc. as well.


These devices offer dual/multiple-screen setup. You can simultaneously run two-three apps: You can watch a music video and text someone while doing a google search. You have the benefit of triple screens in one single integrated display (Feature of Galaxy Fold).

Consumer Sovereignty

The smartphone industry seemed to have stagnated somewhere along the run. Innovation had subsided and the newer versions of smartphones seemed like replicas of their contenders. With the new flexible screen technology hitting the market, a whole new product category has emerged extending the boundaries of traditional smartphones. Smartphone technology has witnessed a radical change in the past twenty years.


The first-generation foldable smartphones have their own shortcomings. Many investors/developers are pouring a substantial sum of money in developing this technology.  However, customers are quite skeptical. It is yet to be ascertained whether these ostensible gadgets of the future are optimally functional and user-friendly or are these just a gimmick.

Prone to creases

The gorilla glass used in conventional smartphones is a lot more durable. Although, it cannot flex as much as flexible OLEDs and AMOLEDs being used in foldable smartphones. However, it is to be seen if these foldable screens are prone to creases or not. Striations on the display screen can be made evident especially at the hinge. Multiple folding and unfolding might even lead to dead pixels in the screen. All of this needs to be tested after daily use.

Unoptimized software

New designs and form factors are bound to face a few problems. Although the software is built to elegantly transition app activity from one screen to another, its functionality seems questionable. It still cannot be ascertained if the device can be used smoothly or not.

Exorbitant prices

These smartphones come at a morbid cost of $2000-$2500 and hence are not economically viable for regular users.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

It was back in 2014 when Samsung first came up with the prospect of a foldable phone. But it was Royole’s FlexPai which bagged the title of the World’s First Foldable Phone when it launched last November. To the dismay of tech-enthusiasts, the handheld turned out to be more of a gimmick.

Royole FlexPai

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold made a stunning debut in the foldable smartphone space in February and will hit the stores in April 2019. Unlike the first draft of foldables, Galaxy Fold offers a perfect combo of design and functionality with a great prospect.

Unique Features

It offers a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display with vivid AMOLED panel which can be seamlessly folded into a compact device with a 4.6-inch display at the front. It gives the unprecedented advantage of three-app multitasking with split-screen and is equipped with a special feature of app continuity which facilitates smooth conversion from smaller display to larger and vice versa.
Galaxy Fold is the first smartphone ever to have a UFS 3.0 flash storage. It has an impressive hinge system which gives it a sleek appearance.


Its hardware specifications include 12GB RAM, 512GB storage. It also includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, dual batteries with 4,380mAh capacity, fingerprint scanner, speakers with sound by AKG and compatibility with both 4G and 5G networks.
The Galaxy Fold contains six cameras. A 10MP front camera on the cover display and a dual front camera on the main display (10MP + 8MP). A triple camera set up on the rear (12MP + 12MP telephoto + 16MP) with an ultra-wide angle with dual pixel autofocus, dual Optical image stabilization, and dual aperture.
The phone comes in four colors with the option of personalized color on the hinge.

Huawei Mate X

Another big debutante and a major contender in the foldable smartphone market is the Huawei Mate X. Launched shortly after Galaxy Fold, Mate X provides a 6.60-inch primary display (and 6.30 back display) which expands into an 8.00inch OLED display. Unlike Galaxy Fold, it folds outward and has a dual-screen display.


Huawei Mate X has a 1.8GHz octa-core Silicon Kirin 980 processor. In the camera department, there are three high-quality cameras (40-megapixel + 16-megapixel + 8-megapixel). It comes with 8GB RAM and 512 GB storage. It is only compatible with 5G networks. It comes packed with two battery that jointly offers 4,500mAh of capacity. Its SuperCharge technology delivers 85 percent of power in 30 minutes of charge.

Although both the models don’t differ significantly, there are a few notable distinctions:

Folding Mechanism

The most prominent difference between the two is their folding mechanism. Galaxy Fold folds on the inside like a notebook protecting the screen whenever it is closed whereas the Mate X folds on the outside, thereby keeping the screen always exposed. Also, the latter offers a slightly larger and thinner screen with no camera cutouts and notches.


Both phones come with Android 9 Pie, with the Galaxy Fold running Samsung’s One UI while the Mate X running the Huawei EMUI interface. In this regards, Galaxy fold is better since EMUI has been quite quirky with androids.

Hardware specifications

Mate X offers 8 GB RAM while Galaxy Fold offers 12 GB of RAM. The former is a 5G device while the latter comes with both 4G and 5G variants. You get to have wireless charging in Samsung whereas you get the benefit of fast charging in Huawei. In terms of speed and optimization, Galaxy fold is at an advantageous position with its UFS 3.0 flash storage.


Galaxy fold has six cameras while Mate X boasts of three but since its cameras are located on the sidebar it has got no camera notches like the Galaxy fold. What’s interesting about Mate X is you can use the rear-facing camera as the front-facing camera.


Galaxy Fold will be starting at $1980 whereas, its rival, Mate X will be launched for $2300.

Both these phones offer a great cinematic display with a great implementation of technology and numerous benefits and exciting new features. These splendid foldables are just around the corner, waiting to hit the store shelves.

With the advent of flexible screens, many eminent brands have given a thought to venture into this new market. Soon foldable phones might even replace tablets.

Everyone is eager to have an in-hand experience of this new technology and it will be interesting to see how the customers will respond to this exciting, yet costly, paradigm shift.

Wedding websites, e-invites, checklist & other tools simplifying Indian weddings

Technology has taken over the world, and its power to simplify life is not something that can be disputed anymore. And now it is taking over the Big Fat Indian Wedding by storm, with services such as wedding websites, wedding invitations, gift registry, checklist, budget planner, guests apps and more becoming increasingly popular among millennial couples. Wedding Wishlist brings you some of the coolest online tools and services to use for your wedding that will help save both money and time!


  1. Wedding Website

This has become the fastest growing trend for Indian couples, and with good reason. A customised wedding website is a great way for couples to share their story and function details with guests. This is particularly important for Indian weddings, as the huge guest lists mean that more than half the guests don’t know the couples personally. With a wedding website, the couple can share the story of how they met and add photographs, which helps guests feel more connected to the occasion. It also acts as an in-depth invite with function details and RSVP functionality, saving the family endless calls to check on who’s coming. Further, it allows guests to leave fun messages for the couple in their guestbook, which the couple can cherish for years after. And the icing on this big, huge cake is that this entire service is free and customizable.


  1. Wedding Invitations

While the trend of e-invitations is not new, it has now come off age. From the super traditional to super fancy, all kinds of weddings have one thing in common—an e-invitation. They’re practical, they’re creative, they’re good for the environment and there is an endless variety to choose from. Video invitations capture the love story in a way that catches the interest of the guest and gives them the necessary information about the dates, venues, and functions. Alternatively, one can go for a classic e-invite that goes with the theme and colours of the wedding celebration. They can be in the form of a Save the Date card, or a multi-page invitation.


  1. Wedding Gift Registry

This online trend really took of in the latter half of 2018 when Bollywood stars like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra created one for their wedding. It is a way to make wedding gifting more meaningful and manageable for both the couple and their guests. A wedding gift registry allows the couple to create a list of the gifts they want for their wedding and share with guests. Guests can buy or contribute to any gift in this list. The idea is that it saves the guests the guesswork and running around, and it ensures the couple loves and uses every item they receive. Since all the gifts are delivered directly to the couple, it’s practical and waste-free for them and stress-free and hands-free for the guests.


  1. Indian Wedding Checklist

Wedding planning can be exhausting and complex. There is always a never-ending list of tasks and it can be impossible to keep track of them all. Wedding Wishlist’s checklist for Indian couples is the perfect tool to help you go through this journey without missing out on any task. It is the first checklist designed keeping Indian weddings in mind and keeps you on top of every relevant detail, from your mehendi artists and dhol walahs to the pooja ingredients! The best part is that you can also customise this to add your own tasks and reminders and remove the ones you don’t need. You can sort it by time to the wedding, functions or priorities, making it your perfect companion till the big day!


  1. Budget Planner

Another signature aspect of Indian weddings is the alarmingly huge amounts of money spent and the complex matrix of who spends what. With the budget planner tools, managing and tracking finances as well as keeping a close watch on the budget becomes a reality. This intuitive tool tells the couple what ideas spends should be across different areas, helps them keep track of outstanding payments and becomes a place for the couple to save all their invoices. It also allows the couple to add mutiple people who would be spending on the wedding and split the expenses between them!


To get all these tools and more for free, sign up to now!


The Rise of Smart Technology #SmartHomeRevolution #GetFitWithFlipkart

The relationship between technological evolution and development of society has always been an important dimension of progress. Life today seems impossible without technology. From an era of steam engines and telephones to now opting for smart technology, we’ve come a long way. The turn of the 21st-century kick-started a technological revolution. With our tech-savvy world progressing relentlessly, each day brings an innovation that makes our lives better and brighter.

Smart technology, today, has superseded all expectations and has established its need in our lives. As a result, increasing demand for new and improved tech is witnessed across the globe. Increasing connectivity and ease of use of technology has enabled us to lead more convenient lives. More and more people are inclined towards the adoption and incorporation of smart tech in their day-to-day lives. Thus, as we see today, a lot more time and effort is being invested in the development of technology.

There is a Brobdingnagian growth spurt in technology and this has led all the major players in the market to come out with revolutionary tech products, be it for home or office. Such comforting, convenient smart technology is available today and is transforming homes and offices inside out.

The technology today, prevailing in the form of smart lighting, smart cameras, smart wearables etc. is appealing to the masses. Not only this, this smart technology has made its way in India too.

The crème de la crème of technology is in the market. Here’s a quick rundown:

Smart Camera:

Image result for smart camera icon

In a world full of increasing crime rate and danger, we are all worried about our near and dear ones. Hence, installing a smart camera at our home or workplace is a safe solution.


Image result for smart camera icon

  • Flexible designs for overall monitoring.
  • Elegant and sleek frame with a ball and socket base, thereby ensuring flexibility.
  • In order to prevent theft, smart cameras these days feature ultra-sensitive anti-theft capabilities.


  1. Easy to set up:

Smart cameras are easy to set up that you may install using voice prompts. These can help you monitor your home or office at any time from your Smartphone.


  1. Smart features:

The indoor IP cameras available have features like Night Vision, Motion Detection, and Live Stream features.


  1. Live to stream: Smart cameras allow you to monitor your home or workspace around the clock, and, connect with your loved ones at home by using the Two-way Real Time Talk function via the built-in microphone and speakers.

Smart Lights:

Image result for smart lights google home

From lighting up your party to improving your sleep, the new smart light technology is a major innovation in the tech industry. Smart lighting solutions also help in reducing energy consumption and are cost-effective.


Image result for smart lights google home

  1. Wi-Fi compatibility:

You may connect the smart lights to your Wi-Fi network and enjoy controlling the lighting from your phone. You can instantly conserve electricity and be cost effective as well.


  1. Multiple shades in one:

You may change the color of the smart lights using the color palette that is available in the app for your Smartphone.


  1. Unique color tones: You may change the color and white temperature of these smart lights with the dedicated app. You can even switch the color tone from bright daylight to a soft and relaxing white according to your mood.

Smart Wearables:

Image result for smart wearables

Be it working out or working through your schedule, you can easily monitor your daily fitness activities while not missing out on any calls, texts, and app notifications. All this is possible if you invest in a smart wearable today.


  1. OLED touchscreen:

The smart wearables are now coming with inbuilt OLED screens that provide a wholesome experience. It also allows you to read texts and notifications on-the-go.


  1. Instant notifications:

Smart wearables now notify you about incoming calls and app updates. You can also read texts messages and receive or reject calls.


  1. Health updates:

The smart bands available in the market, notify you about your exact step count throughout the day. They also have a heart rate sensor that is capable of reading changes in your pulse over a period of 24 hours.

The #GetFitWithFlipkart movement has resulted in creating awareness about these smart wearables among the Indian population. Get your smart wearable from flipkart.

Smart Homes:

Image result for smart home

Transform your home to a smart home by using AI-based assistants like the Google Home. These function as a personal assistant, available at your beck and call, thereby making your everyday life easier. Be it viewing your calendar, playing music, or controlling your entertainment system, these assistants can do it all.


  1. Information on-the-go:

Smart technology like “Google home” provides you with information on-the-go. Be it the weather update, important news or cricket match updates, all can be done via voice control.


  1. Inbuilt control:

The perks of transforming your home with the help of technology like “Google home” is that you can control all your devices through one.


  1. Multi-user friendly: It works with up to 6 users at a time, that too, with personalized settings.


All these smart devices make life easier by the second. The day is not far where all our futuristic tech dreams will come true with the substantially progressing smart technology that brings the world at your doorstep. Invest in the growing technology and get onboard the #SmartHomeRevolution.

Got privacy issues? Go Pro with the Anonabox PRO

Privacy usually refers to freedom from unauthorized intrusion. Online privacy is, however, quite different from real life privacy. It is not quite the same as pulling curtains or shutting doors in your personal space. The parameters of real-life privacy do not apply to the online world because the concept of privacy is flawed in the digital space. Maintaining online privacy is primarily based on the simple objective of protecting your data from falling into wrong hands and to surf the web with no external interference whatsoever. Being inconspicuous and ensuring invisibility while surfing the web is something that one wishes to achieve but often fails at miserably. This is because the internet is a highly vulnerable place and each website that you visit tracks you with the help of “cookies”. Thus, protecting your digital footprint is highly necessary in this day and age.

Image result for privacy

Worried about your online privacy?

Well, look no further, for the solution to all your digital safety worries is the all-new Anonabox PRO.

What is the Anonabox PRO?

Anonabox Pro is a pint-sized powerhouse that strongly stands for internet-freedom. It is a convenient VPN and TOR-sanctioned router that will address all your privacy-related worries. Whether you need private file sharing abilities with its embedded USB port, added protection of encryption through VPN access or the anonymity of the Tor network, the Anonabox PRO does it all.

What is a VPN?

Image result for vpn

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. As the name suggests, it is a virtual network that acts as a tunnel for you to anonymously surf the web and exchange data securely over the internet just as if you were connected to a private network. It is a progressively prevalent tool to dodge restrictions and control/ensure online privacy.

What is TOR?

Image result for tor

TOR, also known as the ‘The Onion Router” is a software that efficiently conceals user location by directing online traffic through an overlay network comprising of more than 7000 relays.

A glimpse at the PRO:

To begin with, the Anonabox PRO is an implanted Linux instrument that avenues all sorts of online traffic that persists on the Tor network. It is a VPN and a TOR-enabled router that acts like a smoke-screen or a shield for you when you surf the web. It provides you with all the abilities and capabilities of the tor network without actually having to go through the hassle of running the software.

The Anonabox PRO comes firmly packed like sardines with fiddle proof bonded seals to make sure no government or authority has hindered with the product during the transportation process.

To get started:

  1. Connecting the device is a task of seconds!

There are two options made available to the customers-

  • Connecting via LAN
  • To go wireless and connect through Wi-Fi (Make sure the device’s Wi-Fi connection is active)
  1. Filtering through the USER INTERFACE.
  • If you’re an existing user, just fill in your previously decided admin information.
  • If you’re a new user, a yellow box saying, “No password set!” shall pop up. Click on the login button with an empty password box.

Now, using the ‘administration’ option from the system tab, set up a new admin password.

And Voila! You’re now password secured!

  1. Set up the Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Set up TOR.

That’s about it! No rocket science, no brain ragging and completely hassle-free. The Anonabox PRO’s online resources and the user interface manual make it super convenient for the customers to arrange, assemble and personalize the product.

Features of the Anonabox PRO!

  1. Happy Browsing: The Anonabox PRO allows you to browse the internet anonymously.
  2. Access the Deep Web: A powerful tool that gives you access to the deep web and lets you communicate/surf the web privately.
  3. Cost-free Add-ons: Anonabox PRO has collaborated with HideMyAss providing easy access to the same. This is followed by a 1-month free trial for HideMyAss.
  4. Wi-Fi Connectivity: It provides pre-SSID for Wi-Fi connection on any device. It also helps you to safeguard yourself when using public Wi-Fi.
  5. Robust Privacy: It restrains the government, hackers, and MNC’s from obtaining your data by ensuring your privacy.
  6. Portable and Efficient: The Anonabox PRO is small and lightweight. It is designed by keeping portability and customer’s convenience in mind. Just throw it into your office bag or carry it in your pocket, the Anonabox PRO is extremely portable and will serve your needs efficiently.
  7. Customizable Passwords: The user can edit and change passwords anytime by accessing the admin interface, thereby adding to the user privacy.
  8. Advanced User Capabilities: The tool also includes advanced user capabilities including custom commands and open VPN for 3rd- party VPN configuration.

This small yet mighty product also lets you break your way into the close-ended, deep, dark web.

The web pages that you access are more often than not indexed by search engines like Google and Bing. The Deep Web, however, comprises of password secured pages, various censored networks, and web-pages without any indexing. The universal search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing do not provide access to these and hence do not show them in their search results.

Despite the negative statements, the deep, dark web might just be the utmost connotation of freedom of speech and online invisibility. The Anonabox PRO helps you overcome the large-scale government interferences and access both the Deep and Dark web as per your convenience!

So, if you have ever been worried about the privacy of your data, the Anonabox PRO is the device for you.

I ordered my Anonabox PRO a while ago and just received it a few days ago.

Works like a charm. I don’t have to worry about my privacy when I surf the web anymore.

AND NEITHER DO YOU; all thanks to the revolutionary Anonabox PRO.

To buy the Anonabox PRO with 30$ Special Discount (Code- PRINCE4485)  – Click here.

Various other products by Anonabox are also showcased below.

Feel free to check them out.

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