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We are with India’s Armed Forces: They keep us Safe #SuperBloggerChallenge #Instacuppa

Serving your country in extreme borders, be it 16,000 feet above the sea level or at uncanny temperatures ranging from -50 to 50 degrees Celsius (in snow-covered glaciers or scorching deserts) is certainly bizarre. The Indian Armed Forces work under extreme conditions and face dire situations such as extreme climate, distance from family and even shortage of food/water supplies during certain intense situations. They are required to operate for countless long hours with little or no rest. Despite all the hardships, becoming a soldier and protecting one’s nation selflessly is truly admirable.

The Indian Armed Forces governed by the ministry of India, consist of three main forces namely:

  • The Indian Army
  • The Indian Navy
  • The Indian Air Force

The Indian Army is further supported by the Indian Coast Guard and the Paramilitary Forces (such as the CRPF). The personnel selected to be a part of the Indian Army are well skilled, regimented and a motivated team of people, handpicked after being weathered for their mental and physical abilities. They are made to go through rigorous training and are forced to think on their feet. They are skilled to make the right decisions under times of distress and one wrong decision may lead to numerous loss of lives.

Pulwama Attack:

On 14th February, in the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir, a convoy carrying security personnel was attacked by a suicide bomber as he darted the SUV laden with explosives into the bus, resulting in about forty CRPF causalities in the attack.

The attack was said to be carried out by Pakistan based jihadist group “Jaish-e-Mohammad”.

Role of Pakistan and The Question of War:

Pakistan and India have known to have strained military relationships since the time of partition. Pakistan has initiated war on India several times since 1947. Post the Pulwama attack, there is an intense uproar in the nation. Many blatantly hold Pakistan responsible for the Pulwama attack and demand war in the name of revenge.

The UN Security Council (UNSC) issued a strong statement that condemned the suicide bombing which identified Jaish-E-Mohammad as the group claiming responsibility.

The Truth About Warmongering:

The aftermath of the Pulwama attack caused wrath and anguish amongst the public. Pyres were lit and the nation mourned the martyrs. Many self-proclaimed nationalists demanded war, and even still, some demanded nuclear war while being oblivious to the consequences of sending more soldiers to die in the name of war.

Most individuals became a victim of fake news spreading on social media platforms which fueled hyper-nationalism, hatred and even influenced radicalization and social exclusion of Kashmir’s population.

India’s Retaliation: Surgical Strike 2.0

In an early morning strike on 26th February, India responded to the Pulwama attack by dropping precision bombs at terrorist camps in Pakistan (Balakot Camp) using Fighter jets, thereby killing more than 350 terrorists.

At the Brink of War?

There seems to be a lot of tension between the two neighboring countries. If no measures are taken from either side to resolve the conflicts, a war might just be the around the corner.

If a war were to actually take place, under some unfortunate circumstances, it would not only lead to loss of innocent human lives but would also cause depletion of economic, social and political infrastructure. Consequently, demanding ‘blood for blood’ is not a reasonable approach to tackle such intense conflicts.

The right way to help our heroes:

  • Being aware and rational

It is indeed very easy to blame a nation or religion while becoming a victim of fake news during the time of a national crisis. Hence, it is crucial to remain informed about the truth in order to have a rational approach about the same.

  • Questioning the government

Instead of giving into political propaganda being carried forward by various political parties, it is very important to question the government. In the case of the Pulwama attack, it is in fact, a question of great significance as to how the SUV loaded with explosives was able to penetrate the safe route. How did they manage to breach the security? From where did they get the information about the movement? And how did they manage to sneak in so much explosive?

  • Contributing to trusts

Various trusts such as the Maruti Veer Jawan trust help the families of soldiers who lost their lives fighting bravely for our country. These trusts provide for the education of martyr’s kids, the family’s health and other necessities.

  • Contributing to welfare organizations and foundations

Organizations such as WWF, SWO and LAKSHAY foundation not only spread awareness regarding the army but at the same time provide financial aid, medical assistance, and retirement benefits to the members of the armed forces.

  • Government initiatives like

One might donate to the Bravehearts by using online portals like

It is a government initiative that allows people to donate directly to the families of the Bravehearts.

Our soldiers aren’t just combating the nation’s enemies; in addition, they are fighting natural disasters and extreme climatic conditions.

And yet, they stand strong, willing to die for the nation’s safety – for our safety. The unconquerable spirit of our armed forces is a matter of great pride and deserves a million salutes.

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