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The elephantine advancements in technology have made it impossible for us to keep up with the plethora of tech that keeps popping up every other day; the television being at the forefront of it all.

We have been lucky to witness such a splurge in the evolution of television in the recent times. Everyone is obsessed with the latest and the greatest, the biggest and the smartest.

However, we all know that the latest and the greatest of tech comes at an unforeseeable cost. The outrageously high prices of television these days has made it impossible for the average Indian to experience the bliss of owning a smart tv. With several big brands pushing the consumers under the guillotine of sky-high prices, there is one brand looking out for the Indian community.

With the intention of reaching the hearts of millions of Indians in the shortest possible time, HOM has come out with their flagship 55” SMART LED TV on the 16th of May.

Being raised in the Indian community, we are all aware of the importance of television in our lives. It is the one place where we can sit and spend quality time with our families. But there is a need to upgrade the majority of televisions present in the Indian households. HOM is the one brand which recognized this dire need and set out to capture the market.

The 55” SMART LED TV by HOM is a mammoth when it comes to dominating the market. Just like it’s indomitable size, it is jam-packed with features that will make you drool. With the stunningly crisp 4K ULTRA HD display, the HOM 55” smart tv will serve to be an absolute delight for your retinas.

Image courtesy – http://homindia.in/

Moreover, it comes with a 1 GB RAM for the seamless user experience. Lag? What’s that?

No more putting up with the pixel distortions. Experience television like never before with the 4k ULTRA HD Resolution. The pixels will appear as crisp as a potato chip. The bezel-less display camouflages effortlessly into the walls of your living room and it’s slim profile and sleek look will leave you awe-struck.

The Smart LED Tv comes with a built-in Android 4.4. So, get ready to be exposed to the home of millions of app – The google play store.

It is embedded with the latest Miracast technology. Now cast your mobile or laptop directly to your massive 55” TV. No more watching videos on your mobile screen. Experience the euphoria of the 55” Brobdingnagian screen

Access apps like youtube and Netflix directly from your smart tv. I can’t even imagine the hours you are going to spend watching movies and tv shows in your new 55” Smart Tv. Once you start watching shows on the HOM 55” Smart Tv, you will never be able to go back to a smaller screen.

With built-in Wi-Fi, 2 USB port, 3 HDMI port, an RJ45 Ethernet port connectivity will be at your fingertips.

Apart from the never-ending features, you will also be getting a smart remote. A smart remote will be your single solution to controlling all your gadgets via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or infrared.

You must be thinking that a SMART LED TV, loaded with these many features would surely be out of your budget. Not really. What if I told you that the intention behind the HOM brand is to reach the hearts of millions of Indians and provide us with the best possible technology at the cheapest price.

The price for the HOM 55” SMART LED TV, loaded with all the above-mentioned features is JUST A BARGAIN OF ₹34,990/-

Image courtesy – http://homindia.in/

For more details, feel free to head on to their official website – HOMINDIA.

HOM is the fastest growing consumer electronics and appliance company in India with unprecedented quality and distribution. Their focus is to provide the Indian community with the best possible products at the cheapest possible price. Despite the pocket-friendly prices, the product that you will be receiving would be nothing short of absolute brilliance and luxury.

HOM has already managed to sold 10,000 television units in less than 2 months. Such a work-ethic and commitment towards providing the Indian community with the highest-quality products is unheard of in the electronics business. They believe customer satisfaction to be the key to their success. No wonder they offer a 365-day replacement warranty.

The brand wants its products to be accepted and cared for in the consumer’s home as a family member.

Hence, the tagline – HOM – harfamilykamember.

If you too want to welcome an immaculate 55” Smart TV into your family, head onto HOMINDIA – NOW.