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InstaCuppa Infusion Bottles – Quench your thirst the right way! #SuperBloggerChallenge #Instacuppa

Time and again, the general population have suffered from various health issues due to bad eating habits and a nutrient deficient diet. The advent of fast food eating joints has resulted in people incorporating processed food/fast-food in their diets, thereby leading to severe health problems in the long term.

However, there has been a sudden spike in most people being eager to adopt a healthy, organic lifestyle. According to various studies, there have been a massive 30% people increase in people willing to adopt a healthy lifestyle and live on organically produced food and drinks. This is in comparison with a mere 7% of people willing to do the same a decade ago (Demographic – USA).

In order to capture the changing lifestyle of people, a lot of health food joints have opened that provide 100% naturally grown and organic food and drinks.

This, however, is not cost effective for most of the population and often burns a hole in our pockets and completely shakes up the budget.

Thus, in order to complement this growing need, InstaCuppa was born.

InstaCuppa was started with the phrase “you are what you drink” in mind. Avoiding processed soft-drinks/beverages and shifting towards healthy, nutrition-rich beverages has become an absolute necessity these days. The sheer amount of sugar and calories in beverages these days can be catastrophic to one’s health.

Thus, InstaCuppa brings to you the most ergonomic, lightweight and durable products/accessories that are 100% BPA free. The main aim of coming out with such high-quality products is to revolutionize the way Indian people consumer beverages. Not only this, but InstaCuppa also educates its customers about the different ways of making their own nutritious health drinks at home for a negligible expense. This promotes healthy-living and doesn’t burn a hole in one’s pocket.

A few of the best-selling products rolled out by InstaCuppa are listed below:

  1. InstaCuppa Thermos Infuser Water Bottle

The easy to carry InstaCuppa bottle is a one-of-a-kind infuser bottle that allows you to relish healthy beverages on the go. Its unique design boasts about a clever 2-in-1 stainless steel infusion unit that you may use to infuse fruits, vegetables, coffee, and even green tea. The easy to carry, spill-proof and leak-proof bottle come in a powder coated sweat free exterior.

The bottle has a double walled vacuum insulator that will keep your beverage cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.

Another main feature of this infuser bottle is that it comes in 2 lids. One is the sipper lid which is ideal for gym and sports. The other one is the wide mouther lid that can be used to relish coffee or green tea on the go.

  1. InstaCuppa Vacuum Insulated Thermos Travel Mug

Travel with style with the new InstaCuppa Travel Mug. Not only is the mug designed to be spill-proof and leak-proof, but it also comes with a removable stainless-steel infuser.

The silicone band in the middle of the body provides its immaculate grip, thereby making it anti-slip. It comes with a one-click open/close sipper lid and is 100% BPA free. The vacuum insulated double-walled design will keep your favorite beverage hot for 6 hours and cold for 12 hours.

  1. InstaCuppa Detox Double Walled Glass Bottle Infuser

This is one of InstaCuppa’s flagship products that is revolutionizing the infusion container industry. To keep it 100% natural and organic, InstaCuppa went with Eco-Friendly materials to make this infuser bottle. The body is composed of a double-walled borosilicate transparent glass and the lid is finely crafted bamboo. Thu, it is a one-of-a-kind infuser bottle that is lead-free and BPA Free.

The infusion unit is made up of stainless steel and no plastic is used in the manufacturing of this product. It is perfect for tea, coffee or fruit infusion.

How to use the InstaCuppa Infusion Bottles –

  1. Take out the infusion unit and place tea leaves/coffee in it.
  2. Put the infusion unit into the bottle.
  3. Pour water into the bottle through the infusion unit.
  4. Enjoy your healthy and nutritious beverage.

Benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle using InstaCuppa Infusion Bottles –

  1. Stay away from processed and sugary soft drinks.
  2. Keep yourself hydrated with the right health beverages.
  3. Detox your body with the infused green tea. I have already discussed the benefits of incorporating green tea in one’s diet.
  4. Enjoy home-made nutritious beverages on the go with the InstaCuppa Thermos Infuser Water Bottle.
  5. Cut down your calories by incorporating healthy infused drinks in your diet.
  6. Keep yourself hydrated the right way.
  7. Enjoy delicious unadulterated beverages throughout the day.
  8. Start leading a healthy lifestyle and let InstaCuppa help you adopt the new and improved way of healthy living.

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