In today’s day and age, the whole world is experiencing a paradigm shift. From being a socially crippled society to now a socially active one, we have evolved. Everyone seems to be washed away by the enormous wave of the internet. The attention of the world is fixated on all the social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter; to name a few.

Be it either promoting new products online through amazing giveaways like #AsusIndia or sharing one’s life with the world at a global level like Mumbiker Nikhil, everything is done online. In a world obsessed with the fast-paced internet, one needs to be loaded with the latest tech. Being a social media influencer myself (just like Mumbiker Nikhil), I realize the importance of investing in tech that can be the gateway to our dreams. A good laptop can truly be the device that gives us the opportunity to achieve our goals that may otherwise seem far-fetched. A young Casey Neistat maxed out his credit cards to buy the new iMac. He used the iMac to learn video editing himself, only to become one of the most celebrated filmmakers/youtuber globally. With some of the most prestigious film awards to his name, a multi-million-dollar media company and his 9.6 MILLION YouTube subscribers, he is the living embodiment of “making it big” by sheer creativity and passion. Needless to say, his accessibility to top-notch technology has helped him conquer his dreams.

A young Elon Musk came to the U.S from South Africa, looking for better opportunities. His inclination towards computers and technology compelled him to start world-renowned tech companies like PayPal, Tesla, Solar City and SpaceX.

Who knows how many Casey Neistat’s or Elon Musk’s are just around the corner waiting to be recognized. The only thing they need to harbour all that embryonic creativity is an internet connection and a good laptop.

As for me, being a social media influencer and a blogger, getting the new VivoBook S would be a monumental upgrade from the old beat-up laptop that I have been using for the past so many years…….

Here’s a look at my current laptop in all its glory.

My ergonomically designed, aesthetically pleasing laptop. I hope you sense the sarcasm in the understatement.

Being a blogger, I need to constantly be writing articles about various topics and the keyboard is just not giving me the desired tactile feedback anymore. Moreover, being inspired by Mumbiker Nikhil, I too, am thinking of starting my own YouTube channel. I think it is evident by the condition of my current laptop that rendering the videos is going to be a burdensome nuisance.

This laptop is just not able to meet with my needs anymo…

“Suddenly my laptop heats up and I seem to lose control over the keyboard. Nothing seems to work”

The Dreaded Conversation

Laptop typing…

Laptop: “What do you think you’re doing? Are you really trying to participate in this giveaway in order to replace me with the so-called VivoBook S?”

Me: “I mean……. I was just….”


Me: “How can you be violated? You’re a laptop.”

Laptop: “A laptop that served you well for so many years. And this is how you appreciate my services? By using me to participate in a giveaway for a new VivoBook S?”

Me: “But it’s the new VivoBook S. It’s a notebook for performers. The design, the exquisite build quality, the…”

*Gets cut off mid-sentence*

Laptop: “You do realize that I know all about your search history, right? Imagine what were to happen if someone else was using me for a while and your search history pops up out of nowhere?”


Laptop: “Oh I would.”

Me: “Listen, you’re heating up for no reason. Just hear me out. Allow me to shed some light on why I want the new VivoBook S. Maybe I could change your mind?”

Laptop: Fine. Let’s see what this VivoBook S has that I don’t.”


Laptop: “Really? You’re going to tell all the features as if this is an ad campaign?”

Me: “Don’t interrupt me now. Let me express my adoration for the new VivoBook S.

The New VivoBook S is the ultimate machine that will bring an end to all the hurdles and setbacks in your life. The ergonomic design, stylish outlooks, metal finish and the aluminium brush strokes give it an unprecedented premium look.

Laptop: “When was the last time you talked about me like that?”

Here are a few features of the VivoBook S.

  1. Thinner and Lighter

The VivoBook S weighs a mere 1.5kg’s. So, feel free to carry it anywhere, anytime. Moreover, it boasts about its 17.9mm ultra-slim, sleek metal body. It defines the word “portability” accurately. Always travelling like Mumbiker Nikhil? This is the laptop for you.


  1. NanoEdge bezel with 80% Screen-to-body ratio

The VivoBook S has a paper thin, NanoEdge Bezel. It displays an unprecedented 80% Screen-to-Body ratio. What it means is that if you invest in a VivoBook S, you will be getting a 15-inch screen in the chassis of a 14-inch laptop. Such a wide and elusive display will increase the quality of your viewing experience by ten folds.

Its immersive visuals and True2Life video will get you addicted. Not only is the VivoBook S aesthetically pleasing, but it is also soothing on the eyes.


  1. Fast Charging

One of the major plus points of the VivoBook S is that it is supercharged. It charges from 0-60% in just 49 minutes.

Being late for work and your laptop is low on battery? By the time you’ll brush your teeth, bathe and get dressed for work, the VivoBook S will be ready to use for the rest of the day. Yes, it is that fast.

All of us have had to deal with the hassles of charging our laptops again and again. Well, NOT ANYMORE.

The VivoBook S provides up to 8 hours of battery backup. This combined with the supercharged battery that goes from 0-60% in a mere 49 minutes, your battery related issues will be obsolete.

  1. Fingerprint sensor

Gone are the days when you had to sign in every now and then to access your laptop. With the VivoBook S having a super-fast and highly responsive fingerprint scanner, you will be able to access your laptop with the flick of your finger. Not to mention the added security it provides. The VivoBook S will ensure your privacy. You will be the only one who will be able to log in to your laptop. All thanks to the top-of-the-line fingerprint scanner.


  1. Ergonomic Backlit keyboard

The VivoBook S has an ergonomically designed backlit keyboard. The tactile feedback of the keys is subtle, and it will be nothing but a luxury to use this keyboard for the day to day use. Being an active blogger, I can only imagine what it would feel like.


  1. Specifications

The VivoBook S rocks a 7th generation Intel core i7 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphic card. These high-end specs make the VivoBook S a top-notch, high-end laptop. Moreover, it can handle any sort of video rendering (for the aspiring YouTube creators) or high-end gaming with ease. You too can start playing PUB-G like Mumbiker Nikhil and live stream it online.

It has a massive 2 TB HDD + 512 GB FAST SSD. Thus, storage and performance offered by the VivoBook S are immaculate.


Laptop: “Wow! That was a long list. I almost dozed off.”

Me: “Don’t be jealous. Appreciate your fellow colleague. It sure as hell deserves it.”

Laptop: “Yes. I agree. It deserves the appreciation. However, do you think you deserve to win the new VivoBook S?”

Me: “I think so. What do you think?”

Laptop: “I think you are stuck with me forever.”

Me: “Well it doesn’t matter what YOU think. It matters what Mumbiker Nikhil and the team at ASUS thinks.”